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Collection of Useful Links

News ::  
BBC News Increasingly more mainstream news
The Guardian Reassuringly middle left reporting
NCE Civil Engineering News - subscribe to the webshot
Weather ::  
BBC Weather Easy access format
The Met Office Proven to be more accurate than above
Mapping ::  
Live Search Maps Birds eye views make this site useful
Google Maps Probably more up to date aerial photography
Ordnance Survey Best scale mapping
Promap Best place for accurate paid for mapping
Technology ::  
The Register The Sun for IT people !  Great fun, subscribe !
Toms Hardware A little bit of geeky IT trickery
Imaging Resource Excellent site for camera reviews
Scan Great place for cheap PC equipment
Information ::  
Wikipedia The grand daddy of all mis-information
Civils Projects ::  
Crossrail £12Bn railway scheme under London
High Speed 2 Currently evolving plan for a really fast rail network